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We’re a collective
of brewers and farmers
working together

to produce slow beer
with ingredients sown
in the Georgia soil.

Who we are

If you had told Dr. Tripp Morgan twenty years ago that he was to be the founder of Albany’s Pretoria Fields Collective, he might have smiled and told you that this wonderful and wild idea didn’t exactly fit into his plans.

As a fifth-generation Georgian, Tripp grew up on farmlands in Camilla immersed in agriculture. His appreciation for the rich landscape of the South was instilled at a young age, but he followed in his father’s footsteps to study medicine and graduated from the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy in 1997. Dr. Morgan worked briefly as a pharmacist before attending the Mercer University School of Medicine, from which he graduated in 2001. With an interest in craft beer, he enjoyed home brewing while in school. However, between starting a family and a medical practice, any opportunities to spend a full day crafting beer in his garage ceased to present themselves. After completing his surgical residency and a two year Vascular Surgery Fellowship, he developed the Albany Vascular Specialist Center.

Nearly fifteen years later, Dr. Tripp Morgan sat on the porch of the family’s farmhouse in Albany with his father, Harris, overlooking their 200+ acres of organic wheat. He began to dream of resurrecting his love for creating delicious beer and creating a place for his community to meet and enjoy the flavors produced in this rich Southern soil. He envisioned the fields in front of him filled with barley varieties, wheat, hops, and fruit for seasonal additions. After more than three years of planning, transforming and building, Pretoria Fields Collective opened its tasting room doors in Downtown Albany in the winter of 2017.

Our tradition as farmers is to focus on organic sustainable farming and natural resource management. Farming has been in the family for generations. We grow organically, as we believe that’s best, even though it’s more challenging. It’s farming the way that it used to be. Harris oversees the day-to-day operations on the farm and carefully monitors the selection, planting, organic maintenance and harvesting of a diverse and ever-growing crops.

In weekly meetings, our collective comes together to discuss what’s happening on the farm, what’s happening in the brewery and what’s being served to our community. From the fields to the fermentation tanks and all the way to our patrons’ glasses – we are proud of what we’re doing. We couldn’t be happier to see conversations develop around tasting room tables, friendly competitions over a chess match and live music in our courtyard – as these all represent the vivacity of our community here in Albany. We hope that you’ll think of the Pretoria Fields Collective tasting room as your place – as it was designed to serve our community.

As a collective, we have been partnering with farmers all over the state of Georgia. We want to assure that not only our farms are productive, but that we are serving the universal farming community in Georgia with opportunities to thrive. We have already seen the benefits of these partnerships with those growing grains and fruits that we have used in beer making. Now, we are excited to be developing the collective to include ecologically minded hemp farming. We continue to take pride in each step along the way; from the Southern fields all the way to the hands of our patrons.

Hemp has been an increasingly important crop, used substantially throughout American history until the early 20th century. Recent changes in the laws have presented an opportunity for Georgia farmers to grow hemp once again, presenting us with our next chapter in the collective.

Processed hemp yields CBD oil that has been shown to assist in myriad ways for a better quality of life. Things such as inflammation, mild pain, anxiety and sleeping issues have been documented to improve when using CBD oil in various ways.

Pretoria Fields Collective is proud to develop our work with farmers around the state and region to grow and process hemp in addition to heirloom grains. Our mission continues through this new chapter: to provide opportunities and resources for farmers and those searching for a better quality of life.